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Simple Business Growth Strategy Development (Part 2) – What are the key Questions?

November 22, 2011


The basic process for developing a business strategy (Part 1of this series) focuses us on finding that “integrated set of actions” that will define our growth plan.  We steer clear of diving into business plan templates looking for salvation and focus on setting priorities for our strategic analysis. Here in Part 2 of the series, […]

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3 Reasons Developing a Strategy for Your Business Could Drive You Mad

November 10, 2011


What is it about developing a strategy for our businesses that makes the task to many so unattractive.  We might even say frightening? Here are 3 reasons I think business strategy makes us nuts. First, there is too much tech talk.  The idea of strategy we know grew from case studies of large corporations. Perhaps […]

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Try to Crush Your Own Company – Build a Better Business Strategy!

November 3, 2011


Recently, I lead an international product strategy meeting and completely blew the minds of some of our executive staff. Why?  I used the competition to help us build our business strategy.  Check this out! We probably all know that building a business strategy is important if you want a long-term sustainable and growing business.  And, […]

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