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Matt Mittino @ StrategyDIY Hi. I’m Matt Mittino, the creator of StrategyDIY™.


I’m a long-term strategy guy currently living in Europe with my family and gainfully employed. I’m an “ex-engineer” having spent some early years after college in engineering and getting to build a few cool machines. After a few technical years, I went into business management and have never looked back. During that time on the road, the idea came to build StrategyDIY into a movement for a new way of looking at business strategy.


Have you ever struggled to get your business strategy off the ground? Maybe you have been overwhelmed with all of the complexity so commonly presented as the road to developing a business strategy? Or you found some great online templates and spent hours (maybe weeks or months) completing the templates only to find that the resulting document wasn’t really helpful and didn’t make your business strategy any more clear? You would not be alone. An early vision for StrategyDIY came from what I guess is a common source of many business ideas – my family. You see, my mom was a small retail business owner. One night over coffee, we started talking in depth about the business (which we really didn’t do before this night) and some of the ideas she was considering for the business. I realized during that discussion that her ideas had no shape; no structure; no link; no support. She was struggling to decide on which idea was best, which idea to take forward. When I asked “why?” she talked about how difficult this idea of a business “strategy” was for her. So, using a simple process, we spent that evening laying out a set of activities to do over the next week. With some follow-up, two weeks later she had her business strategy! She had clear direction in her mind, she knew what she wanted to do, and she was energized. The secret was the process. You’ll hear more about mom and her business throughout StrategyDIY and how some of her business challenges were addressed. More importantly, you’ll hear a lot more about that process that will ensure you own a great business strategy at the end; and one you did yourself.

And since that watershed discussion over coffee at home, I’ve had the fortune to work alongside other business owners, large company leaders, corporate product managers, and even healthcare start-ups.  And I’ve learned that we face many of the same challenges when it comes to business strategy and deciding what to do next.

So, StrategyDIY is not about building complex presentation slide kits and paying consultants hundreds (nay thousands) of dollars. This is a place for you if you need clarity; a path; if you are looking for a simple way to find the confidence that comes with a clear plan of action for your business. If you want to break through the paralysis of complexity and forget about massive templates, this place is for you. I’m a guy that works every day to build strategies efficiently and effectively so that the right actions are pursued by the business. If you want a simple, efficient and action-oriented system to build your business strategy, this will be a great place for you. Why make a place for simple strategy development?

  • You can learn strategy development; it is a ‘learnable’ skill
  • Strategy development does not have to be complex
  • The secret is the process and you can learn a process; it’s not templates
  • The more simple the strategy in the end, the better so start simply and end simply
  • There are business leaders (maybe you) that want a simpler way

This forum is a place to discover how to rapidly create a strategic plan for your business.


This won’t be for everyone. I know there are great companies and people that are highly skilled at strategy development and can handle extremely complex situations (I’ve paid a lot of them!). My intent is not to offend anyone by saying strategy is simple, but to offer a different way to those that want it; a faster way forward. If you are looking for venture capital or large bank loans, this process and idea may not get you there. They may want the big presentations/business plans. But I’m willing to bet, it will give you much of the foundation to build those slides or complete that template. But I’m not the guy to help you secure funding. This community will help you make better action plans, faster and on your own. Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about your experiences building your business strategy.

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