Organize for Transparency

May 21, 2013

Strategy Concepts

Structure for TransparencySo once we’ve done this vetting of our strategy (discussed in Parts I and II of Structure Follows Strategy) and looked at the resources that we’ll need to execute that strategy and where they should be deployed or where they should be targeted and focused, then comes the structural conversation.

How do you want that? How do we want that organized?

And we have our traditional things. If you have a big team, let’s say you have a team of 10 people and you decide, well, you want to put some one manager in the middle or two teams or sub-teams. If you have a bigger team like I have had in the past, you may have a couple of hundred people and you have a sales manager and things like that.

“Know” Strategy is On-Track

But when I think about the concept of structure, one important thing that I always like to identify are the things that for me require transparency.  That is, those things that I want to know or understand in greatest detail.  What are the things that I want to know the most about or know is being executed the best and cleanest or that are on/off track?  For these things, I will often put that in a functional role with a reporting relationship that allows me to have more insight, more day to day.  I don’t want to say micromanagement, but I use the word transparency – an organizational structure that allows me to see and understand more what’s happening as opposed to burying something strategic (i.e. very important) down in the organization where messages and information will be filtered. Clearly this depends on the size of the team that you have and can be handled either through how the organization is designed or just how you prioritize projects with your team and how you do progress checks and things like that.  But I recommend considering key priorities as part of the final organization – we don’t want to be hunting through layers of organization in order to figure out what’s really going on in some critical area of our business.

Today, consider your organization structure (regardless of size).  Do you have the transparency you need to know your strategy is on-track?

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