This page will be that important reference that you can always refer to as you we build the StrategyDIY community.

This page will keep in one place key resources for simple business strategy development (the StrategyDIY way!) and, honestly, probably just some other interesting stuff.

Please note: As outlined in the Disclosures, most of these links/recommendations are affiliate links.  What that means is that I will earn a commission from any purchase you make.  However, please know that anything that I recommend I have personal experience with and make the recommendation because I am happy with the product or service and hope you will be too.


  • Mind Mapping:  As a business leader, you receive an enormous amount of information on a daily basis.  And, either that information is managed and leveraged to your business advantage or it becomes a overwhelming pile that produces no value and just creates stress.  Having lead many strategy development programs (in addition to lots of other initiatives – product launches, brainstorming sessions), it has become clear to me that successful business management requires that you are able to manage (i.e. sort or filter) information to your advantage.  To solve the challenge of information overload and create a process for simple knowledge management, I have come to rely on mind mapping software as a critical part of my leadership toolbox.  One tool I use every day (no exaggeration) is a mind mapping tool.  I use this for both professional and personal projects.  I keep a mind mapping program open whenever I’m working, to quickly capture notes, key concepts, follow-up actions – whatever comes to mind that needs a home.  For strategy, I really think there is no better way to manage strategic planning.  I find mind mapping the best way to keep track of the key components to a business strategy and the relationships between important pieces of information, among other things.  The program I use is MindManager by Mindjet®.  It’s the one I found and have come to rely on.  I use it and can recommend it.  If you want a sure-fire way to improve your business performance by leveraging information to drive sales, get this today.  There is a purchase download (MindManager PC and MindManager MAC) with all features open, and a 30-day free trial download.   I am aware of another program that has been recommended by friends, mindmeister, but I have no experience with this product.  Anyway you do it, get mind mapping software to help use information and shore-up your strategic planning.  (MindManager and Mindjet are trademarks of Mindjet.  mindmeister is a trademark of Meister Labs).


  • STRONG VPN:  If you had a chance to read the About Me page, you will know that I am currently living in Asia.  Running a business remotely sometimes is challenging due to security concerns being online, and due to some services that require a U.S.-based ISP for access.  Well, that is, the computer you are using to log into the service needs to be based in the U.S.  So, I found that using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection alleviates both problems.  This allows me to work securely and use a U.S. ISP.  Great performance, great price, easy to install. Comes with the added benefit of being able to watch or listen to U.S.-only TV/radio/streaming programs.  I have been with StrongVPN for over  a year with no issues.  Be confident in a cheaper, longer-term deal if you need it.
  • Internet Business Mastery:  If you have any nagging thoughts about expanding an offline business into the online world, this is a highly recommended resource.  These guys are the inspiration for, and have the system that got me moving forward with StrategyDIY.  After years of searching for a system to build a business online, I found IBM.  They have a great podcast, coaching programs, and a top-notch membership site, the Academy, that is one of my go-to resources.

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