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Business Strategy Development (Part 4) – Making the Hard Choices

March 14, 2012


  Time to choose a path Finishing this critical step in the development of your business growth strategy is a capstone event. Or is it a cornerstone? Well, at any rate, it’s an important milestone in the creating your strategy. Why? Because after this, you’ll be taking your strategy to the street. You’ll be “doing”, […]

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Simple Business Growth Strategy Development (Part 3) – Study

January 10, 2012


  We are well on our way to creating our DIY business growth strategy.  At this point, you are just steps away from cutting through the nebulous, mystical perception of business strategy and having a clear, actionable plan to drive your business forward. What we want is to have a growing, thriving business; to have […]

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Executing Business Strategy, Just Knocking Down Dominoes

December 1, 2011


  “I want to know which domino to tap, how hard and at what angle to get the last one in the cup.” During the kick-off intro of a business strategy course recently, I asked the students what they wanted to get out of the training program. One of the students came up with that […]

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Simple Business Growth Strategy Development (Part 2) – What are the key Questions?

November 22, 2011


The basic process for developing a business strategy (Part 1of this series) focuses us on finding that “integrated set of actions” that will define our growth plan.  We steer clear of diving into business plan templates looking for salvation and focus on setting priorities for our strategic analysis. Here in Part 2 of the series, […]

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Try to Crush Your Own Company – Build a Better Business Strategy!

November 3, 2011


Recently, I lead an international product strategy meeting and completely blew the minds of some of our executive staff. Why?  I used the competition to help us build our business strategy.  Check this out! We probably all know that building a business strategy is important if you want a long-term sustainable and growing business.  And, […]

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