Who Needs a Simple Strategic Business Process?

 Why focus on simplifying strategy?

How'd we get here?

An early spark for creating StrategyDIY as a place to discuss and debate a simple strategic business process, came from what I guess is a common source of many business ideas – my family.  You see, my mom was a small retail business owner.  One night over coffee, we started talking in depth about the business and some of the ideas she was considering for the business (which we really didn’t do before this night – I never really felt comfortable digging into it, for some reason).  I realized during that discussion that her ideas had no shape; no structure; no link; no support.  She was struggling to decide on which idea was best, which idea to take forward.  When I asked “why?” she talked about how difficult and time consuming creating a new business plan or strategy was.  So, we spent that evening laying out a simple set of activities that she and I could do over the next week, based on a simple framework, and two weeks later we had the general shape of a business strategy!  She had clear direction in her mind, she knew what she wanted to do, and she was energized.  The secret was the process.

OK, so what?

So, since then, I really have been analyzing the process of strategy and also what has worked in coaching teams of marketing staff and strategic planners.  And a few things stand out:

  • Business Strategy doesn’t need to be complex or a time-leech
  • Strategy is not found in a document.  You’ll hear me say often “It’s not the template, it’s the process”.
  • Strategy is not a cookie cutter exercise in ‘doing stuff’ (e.g. SWOT analyses) – see above
  • The value of a clear, aligned, prioritized plan is incredible!
  • A good strategy is empowering!
  • Strategic Planning can be learned

Then StrategyDIY – For the Business Leader that just wants Clarity and Confidence

StrategyDIY is not about building complex presentation slide kits and paying consultants hundreds (nay thousands) of dollars.  This is a place to streamline and simplify getting a business strategy done.  I am a passionate believer in the idea that business strategy can be easy.

This is a place for the business leader that just needs clarity; a path; someone looking for a simple way to find that confidence that comes along with a clear plan of action.  This site will be great for owners or leaders that can take a napkin with writing on it and tape it to their computer monitor and feel good that they have a strategy.  This will even work for the owners or leaders that do want a formal strategy document at the end, but want it simple, clear and concise (maybe already feeling that most templates available are too much).

A Word of Caution (well, maybe more than one word)

This won’t be for everyone.  I know there are great companies and people that are highly skilled at strategy development and can handle extremely complex situations (I’ve paid a lot of them!).  My intent is not to offend anyone by saying strategy is simple, but to offer a different way to those that want it; a faster way forward.  If you are looking for venture capital or large bank loans, this process and idea may not get you there.  They may want the big presentations/business plans.  But I’m willing to bet, it will give you much of the foundation to build those slides or complete that template.  But I’m not the guy to help you secure funding.  This community will help you make better action plans, faster and on your own.

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